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Browse our range of New carts.

We offer a diverse model range, including two, four and six seaters, catering to various budgets. Most carts are ready for immediate delivery, while customized orders are fulfilled within six weeks for New carts.

Our new carts are available in the Cruz, Jett, and Roam ranges, and they come in both non-lifted and lifted versions.

All new come with a two-year warranty on all parts, except for the batteries which carry a one-year and four-year warranty for flooded and lithium-ion types, respectively.

Our Re-Manufactured carts are available in the Rekke and Trekk models, offered in both non-lifted and lifted versions.

The carts are built on a club car base and both models undergoes a comprehensive rebuild, with new long-lasting Teflon bushes replacing the old ones. Additionally, all steering and suspension components are replaced, and the carts undergo a full respray and re-upholstery. New LED lights, windshields, alloy wheels, floor mats, and batteries are fitted. The Rekke has re-painted panels and looks the same as a new cart.

Our premium model is the Trekk, which, like the Rekke, is fully rebuilt from the ground up. However, Trekks come with brand-new dashboards, roofs, body panels, and seats – all made in the USA to provide a superior luxury feel.

Both the Rekke and Trekk models are delivered to you as if they were new and at a substantial discount compared to the cost of a new cart.

You can purchase any of our carts with a payment plan spanning up to six months, tailored to fit your budget. Simply provide a 30% deposit, and pay the remaining balance over the agreed number of installments.

You can purchase any of our carts with a payment plan spanning up to six months, tailored to fit your budget. Simply provide a 30% deposit, and pay the remaining balance over the agreed number of installments.

Our Re-Manufactured carts are all offered on a two-year lease basis. This lease encompasses the utilization of a freshly prepared Rekke or Trekk tailored to your requirements, complete with a lithium battery. Maintenance and routine wear and tear are covered under the lease, eliminating the necessity for an initial investment and ensuring a predictable cost of cart ownership. Following the two-year contract term, you have the option to extend the lease on a monthly rolling basis, return the cart, or begin a new lease with a freshly prepared Re-Manufactured model. The monthly costs are outlined below:

Rekke Non-Lifted:Trekk Non-Lifted:
AED 800 + VAT per monthAED 1,150 + VAT per month
Rekke Lifted:Trekk Lifted:
AED 950 + VAT per monthAED 1,300 + VAT per month

We provide a diverse selection of rental vehicles tailored to the needs of our community residents and retail customers. Whether you’re looking to test drive a golf cart or require extra transportation for visitors, we have the perfect rental option for you. Our expanded range now features the Rekke in both non-lifted and lifted versions, both accommodating four passengers. Furthermore, we’ve added the Transit in a six-seater format for those occasions requiring additional capacity.

The Golf Buggy Guy Boutique showcases our accessories, available for in-person purchase at our home at the Agronomy Centre or online. Our stock includes a range of accessories such as wheels, electronic keys, seat covers, bull bars, speakers, and more.

If you have a specific requirement, we can also source other accessories for you.


Protect your investment in your golf cart with a regular maintenance program. After the initial purchase, one of the most significant consumable expenses is the replacement of batteries, which can cost over AED 4,500. Well-maintained batteries can typically last up to three years, but neglect can dramatically shorten their lifespan.

When you enroll in an Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) with TGBG, we schedule servicing for your cart every two months. Across up to six AMC visits, we ensure thorough care for your cart and its batteries. This not only maximizes battery longevity but also enhances the cart’s resale value through a comprehensive service record.

Our AMC servicing is completed promptly on the same day, often within four hours. As part of our service, we provide a complimentary courtesy cart to minimize inconvenience. To arrange your visit, we reach out via WhatsApp to notify you of the scheduled AMC service. Following a thorough inspection, we collect the cart, conduct necessary maintenance, and return it to you after a full valet. This ensures your cart remains both well-maintained and looks great.
As a community-oriented enterprise, our foremost dedication lies in catering to the needs of our local residential areas. Should you encounter a breakdown or have any worries regarding your cart’s performance, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Our team comprises skilled professionals ready to promptly aid you and identify any potential issues.
If your cart is showing signs of wear and tear, we offer a rejuvenation service to restore it to our exceptionally high standards, tailored to your preferences. Our comprehensive process usually involves repainting the cart, re-upholstering the seats, installing new floor mats, lifting the cart if desired, and equipping it with new alloy wheels. Each cart undergoes a meticulous rebuild based on the customer’s specifications, resulting in a revitalized appearance that looks brand new, all at a fraction of the cost of purchasing a new cart.
We have a full workshop facility that can cater for almost all accident repairs in-house. Our skilled technicians can bring your cart back to its original condition and better should you have the mis-fortune to be involved in an accident.

We operate a fully equipped ‘Pitstop’ in JGE, where we conduct our AMC servicing and handle small ad-hoc repairs and servicing. Our premises are fitted out with the latest technology, including laser wheel alignment, to ensure your cart is maintained in perfect condition. We service all models and maintain an extensive range of spare parts to ensure a quick turnaround time, getting your cart back on the road as fast as possible. As an added convenience, we provide a complimentary loan cart while your vehicle is in our care.


Call The Golf
Buggy Guy!”

Rich Bellia, the founder of The Golf Buggy Guy, previously worked in the events industry before the pandemic. When the world went into lockdown in 2020 and the events industry ground to a halt, Rich decided to stay active by servicing residents’ golf carts from his garage at his home in Jumeirah Golf Estates, Dubai. Through word of mouth and social media, his reputation quickly grew. When residents sought recommendations for fixing their buggies, the common response was, ‘Call The Golf Buggy Guy.’ And so, the business was born. Since then, the business has expanded and now employs 30 people. It operates from purpose-fitted facilities in Jumeirah Golf Estates, with ‘The Garage,’ equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, located in Dubai Investment Park. The product range has also expanded and now includes the sale of new and Re-Manufactured carts, fleet overhauls, annual maintenance contracts for corporate and residential clients, customization and upgrades, ad hoc repairs, and rentals for individuals, corporates, and the events industry.

Richard Bellia


Rich was born in Italy, raised in England and has lived all over the world! He founded the business following a long career in the events industry. Richard saw a unique opportunity to build a business providing superior local customer service to meet the needs of golf cart owners and operators. He provides the inspiration and leadership to ensure we focus on exceeding our customers expectations whilst seeking further growth opportunities.

James Hopcraft

Head of Operations

James is a seasoned aftersales professional with a deep understanding of customer service and business management. With over 15 years of experience in retail, James has honed his skills in inventory management, process optimisation, and logistics solutions. His expertise in managing stakeholders allows him to successfully navigate complex projects from start to finish, delivering results that exceed expectations.


Head of Workshops

Juan-Pierre Stevens is a Tool and Die Maker from South Africa with a strong passion for fabricating and building various items. He brings a wealth of experience in a wide range of skills and enjoys working with his hands. Juan-Pierre recently took on the role of Workshop Manager at TGBG, where he is responsible for overseeing the day-to-day operations and driving the development of the workshop as time progresses.

Sharon Gutierrez

Retail Sales Manager

Sharon is a cheerful and dedicated sales professional with 17 years of experience in retail sales and customer service in Dubai, UAE. She absolutely loves her job and takes pride in maintaining strong client relationships that lead to repeat business. Sharon’s secret to success is her commitment to listening to her customers and putting their needs first. Nothing makes her happier than helping her clients find exactly what they are looking for.

Wayne Blumrick

Rental and Transportation Manager

Wayne, a seasoned logistics professional, joined Golf Buggy Guy in early 2024 as the Rental and Transport Coordinator. With a South African logistics background, he builds strong client relationships, exceeding unique needs. Wayne manages the rental fleet meticulously, ensuring each golf buggy is pristine. He oversees seamless transport and logistics operations, passionate about delivering exceptional service and contributing to Golf Buggy Guy's success.

Tharanga Marakkalge

Lead Technician

Thara, the first employee to join the company on day one, is a hardworking, talented, and dependable vehicle mechanic. With hands-on experience and expertise in golf cart service, diagnostics, and repairs, he manages our technical team and ensures consistent quality service delivery. Thara takes immense pride in delivering top-quality workmanship on every job, making him the go-to expert for golf buggy maintenance and repair.

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We are always looking for skilled technicians to join our rapidly expanding team. To join us it goes without saying that you have to have the right technical skills but equally importantly, you have to have the right attitude. What is the right attitude? A mindset that puts the customer first in everything we do and you have a desire to go the extra mile to make sure every interaction you have with a customer leaves them delighted. You will also need to have the desire to do the job right, first time and be able to anticipate our customers needs. I return for these unique skills we pay great salaries, provide a great working environment and invest in your personal development. Everyone of our employee at all levels is valued and treated with respect.

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